Films I’ve seen in 2013: What Richard Did

Sometimes when dealing with such a tough subject, film-makers often find it difficult to capture the emotion and intensity of a situation. This is not the case with Lenny  Abrahamson’s newest flick What Richard Did. Based on the book Bad Day in Blackrock, What Richard Did tells the tale of a young man who on the cusp of love, allows foolishness and jealously to change his (and a group of friend’s) life forever.  Jack Raynor - gives a shockingly emotionally charged performance as the tormented  title character. Lars Mikklensen plays his father and the rest of the cast is made up of relatively unknown Irish actors.  Some may recognize Sam Keely as the young Irish actor who played Robert Sheehan’s brother in Misfits. The film is really well made and is surprisingly life-like. It’s more like watching a documentary and I think this really solidifies the fact it’s based on a real-life event. As controversial as the publication of the book was, the film shows the loyalty of young men tot heir friends today and how easy it is to change your life forever.  What Richard Did is thought provoking and leaves the audience questioning their own morality. The film is quite low-buget but this has no effect on the great cinematography. My only complaint is of the quite rushed ending. Other then that it’s a must watch film. As a further note - Jack Raynor is a one to watch. I can see him becoming  a great home grown actor. 

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